NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! He're we're stripping it down to the basics. Figure out where those feet go, learn the rhythm, and try it with music. We update this page weekly, so check back for new dances every Wednesday, or subscribe to our Youtube/Vimeo channel to see them every Tuesday night!

Time to Cha Cha! Learn this fun and fast paced basic that you're bound to fall in love with. You can dance this to classic Cha Cha music, or to any modern song with a really strong, consistent beat! "1,2,3, cha-cha!"

Learn how to dance the "Salsa". You can Salsa ANYWHERE! This is by far one of the most popular dances you can learn. Practice in your living room and get ready to take it to the club when we're not grounded anymore!

We're teaching you the basic to the American style Tango, y'all. Learn how to curve it to keep it in a confined space!

Learn how to dance the "Bachata". This caribbean dance is simple, sexy and popular. The Bachata addiction is real, everyone.

It's swingin' time! Learn how to dance the Single Swing rhythm of East Coast Swing AKA "Single Swing". This one is great for fast paced Rock & Roll and up tempo music!



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